The Night of the Amazones

Author: Herbert Rosendorfer

The film tells the true story of Christian Weber, one of the close and early companions of Adolf Hitler, who rises from stable boy to political power in Munich. The one-eyed, gross and fleshy, sausage-guzzling slob rules the beer city for the Nazis with a tight and greedy grip. Weber’s liking for rumpus racket culminates in “The Night of the Amazones”, where he stages a pompous bacchanal and frivolous festivity with scantily clad Hitler-girls on horseback.

Weber’s town reign becomes so excessive that even other Nazi-honchos eye him suspiciously. Himmler and Göring gather information to bring him down, but Weber seems invulnerable.

Did Weber not only stage the “Night of the Amazones”, did he orchestrate an even bigger event for his old friend Hitler?

The project is in preproduction.


Cinology - Film at School

The DVD project „Film at School“ addresses students and everybody else interested in film.

The central question how a film is made and with what means it conveys its content is answered by Germany’s top film professionals.

In closed units and with many interactive exercises the film explains and demonstrates how photography, script, production design, directing, sound and editing create a motion picture.

The project was carried out together with the German Film Academy under the title “”.


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